Who do you see?

I am often intrigued when i am speaking with a client about how they wish to be photographed. Often, the client being a woman, will respond with 'I'm not really sure".... yet deep in the heart of every woman is this dream to see herself as beautiful and truly believe it. As the conversation continues and i ask a few more questions, it doesn't take long before she begins to open up and you can actually hear her dreams begin to spark again.

One of my favorite conversations to have with the every day woman is "who do you see when you look in the mirror?"  Many think i am referring to the bathroom mirror or the one by the front door you use to glance into before heading out to start the day, maybe even the one in the car that you do the last minute "how do i look" glance...but what i am really asking is "Who do you see when you look in the mirror of your heart?"...When your eyes are closed, no one else is around and its just you and God, who do you see???   Whether its the mirror in your bathroom or the mirror of your heart, we have used both to define us. How our day will or won't go, how we will carry our self as we walk into that meeting or in this case, that Portrait session you are about to book with me. 

How you see yourself reflects in every aspect of your life. Your true self IS ALREADY ENOUGH!! Your true self is full of Love, full of life, full of compassion for the world around you and most importantly, Your true self...well, your true self wants to look into the mirror and Believe that you are deeply beautiful and walk in it daily. 

So today, ask yourself, Who do I see when i look in the mirror and if there is something that doesn't "feel " enough...take another look, do something to love yourself  a little more in that moment, because you REALLY AUTHENTICALLY ARE the most amazing creation of God and the most beautiful form of love in the earth!!!

Love, Marie